MLS Pre-Season Assignments (Copy of email 2/13/10)

To: All Members
Re: MLS Pre-Season Assignments
Priority: URGENT

To all:

As followup to the previous email from 2/10/10 regarding ongoing discussion with MLS regarding the proposed compensation and other issues presented at camp:

At this point in time the PSRA Board has been in contact with MLS via phone regarding issues raised at the Saturday night meeting.

Based on these discussions, the Board is currently satisfied that the increased pre-season compensation package presented at the meeting will be honored by MLS even as we continue to discuss the other items raised by the membership.

The Board recognizes that as independent contractors, each of our members is entitled to make his/her own decision regarding the acceptance of any assignment, however, we encourage members to accept pre-season assignments at this point in time. We feel that MLS has successfully addressed the issues raised by PSRA regarding pre-season match compensation and this should no longer be an issue for our membership.

We will continute to update members on the status of other discussion items as we progress.

If you have any questions about this, please contact a member of your Board of Directors immediately. You may find the current list of Board members at, clicking on the About Us link.

// PSRA Board